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    SDK 1.2.1

      I just installed the latest version of the FX3 SDK and my code stopped compiling. Why? Multiple reasons, but here is just one of the them. The I/O configuration structure used in the SlaveFifoSync example in the  previous release of the SDK was named ioCfg. In release 1.2.1, it changed it to io_cfg. This of course made all of the code that uses the I/O configuration structure written in previous release stop compiling. I am either missing some small step that makes this not as big a deal as I think it is, or this is a really big deal that requires me to make multiple changes to my code. Why would Cypress do such a thing anyway as to rename the structure in the example? Am I the only one who copies code from these examples?

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          Hi Spectrum,


          the structure its name is the same as before. The change is just the name of the variable of the used structure.


              CyU3PIoMatrixConfig_t io_cfg;


              CyU3PIoMatrixConfig_t ioCfg;


          This should not make any problems while compiling. Sometimes old project settings are changed also concerning to file extensions which are changed with new installation. If you delete your <projectname>.sc file in the .metadata folder it may solve some issues of compiling. But close your workspace and eclipse before deleting. After restart of the eclipse that file will be created.




          If you have other compile errors please describe. I did all the time the updates to newer version and I never had big problems.





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            which FX3 SDK you used before?