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      The new module is advertised as a Slave, which would imply


      you cannot connect a slave to a PSOC and talk to it.




      However, the SMBUS spec, if I am not mistaken, allows two


      slaves to talk and interrogate each other. I have a tech case


      posted at www.cypress.com, will follow-up with what I learn,


      as the APIs do not seem to clearly indicate this.




      Regards, Dana.

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          I'm not aware of a specific mechanism for SMBus slaves to communicate with each other. Perhaps you're referring to the "Host Notify Protocol" which allows a slave to send messages back to the master. The purpose of that protocol is to allow a slave to send time critical messages back to the master without having to wait to be polled. I guess that protocol could be used in a system to allow slaves to communicate with each other, but that was not the original intent of that command.

          The SMBus/PMBus component datasheet (     http://www.cypress.com/?docID=39795) describes which protocols the component supports on page 25. Host Notify Protocol is not supported at this time.

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            I concur, I misinterpreted the language "a slave can take on the role of a master" as


            necessry condition to characterize a slave device's functionality.




            Still waiting for release of a master module in Designer.




            Rergards, Dana.