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    64 bit Windows shows driver FTDI driver issues for WICED IDE (SN8000EVK)



      I am using SN8000 Evaluation board kit.


      I tried installing WICED IDE 3.1.0 / 2.4.1 in my 64 bit windows 8.1 by following steps in SN8000 EVK user guide.


      But my PC didn't detected any WICED USB-JTAG Port or WICED USB Serial Port in the device manager when I connected my SN8000 Evaluation board after SDK installation , it was showing like ...SN8200EVAL1 as shown below



      When I tried the same on a 32 bit windows I was able to see the WICED USB JTAG & WICED USB Serial port in device manager.


      So I assume this is because of the absence of FTDI CDM drivers in 64 bit windows. (I also tried installing both SDK's in 64 bit windows but didn't helped)


      How can I use the WICED SDK/IDE with all the necessary drivers in my 64 bit windows ?