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    Need clarification on PUART RTS/CTS flow control support

      In the PUART API, there are bunch of function calls and definition related with RTS/CTS as follows.


      void puart_flowOn(void);

      void puart_flowOff(void);

      BOOL32 puart_checkCtsPortPin(UINT8 ctsPortPin);

      BOOL32 puart_checkRtsPortPin(UINT8 rtsPortPin);

      BOOL32 puart_selectUartPads(UINT8 rxdPortPin, UINT8 txdPortPin, UINT8 ctsPortPin, UINT8 rtsPortPin);



      And, 20732/20737 databook includes

        - Pin description of RTS and CTS

        - UART timing diagram with RTS and CTS


      And, WICED Smart Hardware Interfaces has PUART mux options including RTS/CTS pins.


      So, it seemed obvious that RTS/CTS is supported by hardware and firmware.


      However, I found a couple of comments in this forum that says RTS/CTS is not available to PUART.

      I am confused.


      Can you please provide a clarification/confirmation on this?

      Is UART RTS/CTS flow control supported by PUART?