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      While going through the document on Charge Controller, I came across PowerPSoC. Can anyone tell me what is the difference between PSoC1 and PowerPSoC? Do they both have the same core?


      Sorry for posting the question again, I think I posted initially in the wrong location.

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          No, you are right here, I answered one of your other threads here: http://www.cypress.com/?app=forum&id=1573&rID=73596







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            Hi John,


            PowerPSoC and PSoC 1 have the same core - M8C. PowerPSoC also has 8 digital and 6 analog blocks. 


            In addition to this PowerPSoC has additional power peripherals


            1. Hysteretic Controllers


            2.  Low Side N-Channel FETs


            3. External Gate Drivers


            4. Dimming Modulators


            5. Current Sense Amplifier


            6. Voltage Comparators


            7. Reference DACs


            8. Built-in Switching Regulator


            9. Analog Multiplexer


            Because of these peripherals, PowerPSoC is an ideal platform to create lighting solutions. It is designed to replace the MCU, system ICs and discrete components required for driving HBLEDs.


            Best Regards