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    SDK 2.4.1 Mac OSX - cannot debug

      I created a debug target, using the standard scan snippet: snip.scan-BCM9WCDPLUS114-debug download

      Compile and download OK.

      I then press the green "bug" button, and the IDE switches view.


      I set a breakpoint, for example at line 80, and press the pause/continue button. The program runs to that line, printing stuff on the terminal as expected.


      However, I don't see the line highlighted, and I cannot step through the code. Pressing the continue button does not run the code.

      Pressing the stop button detaches the debugger, and the board then runs free.


      What's happening? What is preventing me from debugging?


      Note that I can debug using the terminal. The following works, it runs gdb in the terminal and I can step through the code:

      ./make snip.scan-BCM9WCDPLUS114-debug download debug