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    Writing to USB with MATLAB using CyUSB.dll



      I would like to use MATLAB to send and receive Data via USB to my PSoC5. Has anyone of you some experiences to do this and can help me perhaps with some example-code?


      What I did until now is the following:


      - Add CyUSB.dll as an assembly to matlab:




        CyUSBdll = NET.addAssembly('C:\Cypress\.. .. .. \CyUSB.dll');


        catch e




          if(isa(e, 'NET.NetException')








        disp('CyUSB.dll already loaded');








      - Get USB-Device list


      usbDevices = CyUSB.USBDeviceList(CyUSB.CyConst.DEVICES_CYUSB);




      Now, my problem is to get the right instance of the device. my tests like


        myDevice = usbDevices.Item('ITEMNAME');


      failed. It returns an empty variable (ans = []).


      Has anyone of you an idea how to get this?




      Kind regards,