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    Code Completion?

       Hi Guys,


      I have just got a CY8CKIT-001 and have been trying out Creator.


      Does the source editor not have Code Completion?


      I must admit I have got so used to this over the years that I don't think I can do without it!





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          It's not in the tool today, but it is something we are actively evaluating and would like to add in a future release.  From the sound of this, it looks like this might be a feature that a lot of people want sooner rather than later.





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                    Looks like it will be later not sooner   
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                      PSoC Designer 5.4 has got code completion now, let us wait for the next release of PSoC Creator.   
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                @Andy, I so agree, I do not want to go back and use paper tape and punched cards, which I did


                a great deal of writing programs to test IC’s back in 70’s. Or figuring out the assembly behavior of


                a tester, early Teradyne, that came with no assembler manual at all. Ech.




                But, and this is a big BUT, nor do I want to go back to using salad bowl size volumes of ICs, simple


                functions, like shift registers and counters and gates which PSOC, with its core PLUS programmable


                logic is so buff, as my granddaughters would say. Coupled with a GUI editor where you wire up


                the stuff in seconds. Or go without a standard library of many digital basics that you do not have to


                create, or create your own custom ones using Verilog. Nope, I do not want to live w/o any of that






                And needless to say some serious analog, on chip reference, 24 bit A/D (DelSig), fast 12 bit SAR A/D ,


                digital filter block, DAC, OpAmps, Comparators, Mixer, great programmable clock tree………and in


                PSOC 1 extensive capability to reconfigure its HW into something entirely different under SW control.




                Just some thoughts, Dana.