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    Adc and amux4 inputselect

              Hello I have 2 potentiometers. I want to read from both of them using 1 adcinc and the amux4 to change between port0 pin2 and port0 pin 4. It works fine with attached project, the problem occours when I add the function "styring". This should only just handle when in time it should change some PWM output signals and pulse width. It seems that suddenly it wont change the amux4 inputselect. It seems to read both information from the same input port0 pin 4 (0x02), and both my chars "ADCData_speed;" and "ADCData_stoptime; are both controlled by one potmeter. This is only the case when I run the "styring" function, I have had some problems figuring out the amux. Can anyone double check If I did set it up right? thanks in advance Best regards Simon