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    CY8CPLC20 no write ISSP on CY3273



      First sorry my english and sorry if this is on a wrong place.


      I try work my DEV kit CY3275( http://www.cypress.com/?rID=38059 ) with board of CY3273( http://www.cypress.com/?rID=38025 ), and I make the board of 3273 with all layers (4) and use components indicated on manual of this, buyed on mouser, now I try use the PSoC MiniProg (I got it together CY3275 kit) and no work, the Cypress Programmer don´t find device, if I try write Cy3275 board work fine,


      Need help to find problem and fix it to make board work.. when I plug 12v on Jack led and voltage work fine, have 12 in and 4.89 after LM317 on Cy3273 board...

      thank you all

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          You cannot use "Power Cycle" when the board is powered externally. You may power the board from MiniProg1 and then you are free to choose "Reset" or "Power Cycle"





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             Thank you, but still no working,


            I try with reset and powered and some problem of device

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              Ok, so we have to check step-by-step.


              1) Software on latest revision (check with update manager)


              2) Does the Miniprog work? (Check by accessing an original cypress board via ISSP)


              if all works the error will be in the board you try to program. Triple-check every connection





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                 Ok, I will check it now,

                On board original, when I put power on board I get message on programer (board is powered) and on little board not have this message, maybe have any wrong, I will check and post informations,

                Thank you very much.

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                   Hi, I try and can´t make it work,




                  I need know what is the minimal components to write C8CPLC20 with ISSP MiniProg


                  I try assemble board only with 32.768khz Crystal and 2 22pf Cap of this
                  Board powered by PSoC MiniProg, 


                  I check voltage and get 5v on Vdd pin on chip,
                  Check ground and is OK
                  I connect Power Ground Reset SCL SDA on connector of ISSP and try write Fail Again


                  I not put pull up on scl sda lines
                  and I don´t check clock on 32.768khz crystal..
                  I need any more to make device writable by ISSP MiniProg?

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                    Everything sounds O.K. The quarz clock is not needed / used during programming.


                    Can you provide us with a couple of screen-shots


                    Before and after setting power with Miniprog1




                    Do you have got a chance to test the MiniProg1 with a different board, preferrably a Cypress-Kit to see if it is able to program or is broken.





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                      Now I fix the problem to write, can I write another device the problem is connect SCL and SDA on Cystal 32.768khz pads,

                      But the problem now is CY8CPLC10 is not on device database
                      I get error of this all time


                      | Programming Terminated


                      | Detected SiliconID: "FF FF 11 11" is not in database


                      Program Requested at 10:52:59                  


                      Power On at 10:52:55                             | MINIProg1/0062000B0A25

                          I try with another Cypress CY8C29466 and work fine the write process,   
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                        Using PSOC Programmer did you do a firmware update on


                        the Miniprog ?




                        Regards, Dana.

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                          Thie is similar to a problem I had a year ago. It was related to some leftovers from a de-installation of Designer due to an update.


                          I suggest you to create a "MyCase".


                          On top of this page "Support & Community -> Technical Support -> Create a MyCase"


                          Describe your problem and leave your phone-number, you will be contacted with an onlie-session for repair (if it is the error I assume)





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                             No. using the PSoC programmer + PSoC MiniProg, I burn firmware on board of PSoC CY2373

                            Have 6 jumpers (or connectors) on board...
                            1 -  Power - MiniProg Power (V)
                            2 - Reset - MiniProg Rst(R)
                            3 - GND - INT (connector to interruption)
                            4 - SCL - Pull UP (Connected to C Miniprog)
                            5 - CLK 1 - CLK 2 (Crystal 32.768khz)
                            6 - SDA - Pull UP (Connected to D Miniprog)

                            I use one jump connecting 4 to 5 SCL - CLK1 and 5 to 6 CLK 2 - SDA


                            try burn and verify and all work..