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    error while building

      Hi all, I have a code of my project, think so its correct.


      But while I'm building it I'm getting the o/p with errors as:-


      Performing Project Clean...

      Starting MAKE...
      creating project.mk
      !E CSA_EMC.inc(19): no such mnemonic 'Wizard_was_not_called_after_place_rename_configuration_change_or_update_Open_Chip_Editor_open_Wizard_press_OK_button_and_generate_project'
      make: *** [lib/obj/csa_emc.o] Error 1
      make: *** Deleting file `lib/obj/csa_emc.o'


      What does this mean or what do it relate to?


      Waiting for help.


      Thanks & Regards-