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    EZ-USB driver in Linux

      Hello all
               I need EZ-USB driver in Linux. Can any one help me in this regard . I have EZ-USB driver in XP ,but i want to port my device from windows to Linux. I have run my application successfully in Linux using WINE but need EZ-USB driver for this. The EZ-USB IC is from CYPRESS.  I dont know what to do about driver. Any help/suggestion will be highly appreciated. Waiting for response.



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          Cypress no longer supports new development with EZUSB.sys. We have transitioned over to CYUSB.sys.

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            Thanks for your guidence. But my problem is that I have a EZ-USB-SX2 (IC CY7C68001 of Cypress)based device .The driver for this particular IC based device was given from Cypress Semiconductor  for Windows XP OS.  which is working properly on XP.


            Now i want to run it on Linux. I have searched for its driver for Linux,but have not found it yet. Most of the search results and links are for EZ-USB FX2, while my device is SX2.


              FX2 is a microcontroller based IC, while SX2 didnt have a Microcontroller. It is different from FX2(CY7C68013). Now what should i do ?? Please help me to solve this problem. I'll be very thankful to you.
            Kind regards

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              On the driver side there won't be differentiation between SX2 and FX2. The device just sees USB packets irrespective of the driver it is connected to.


              For linux, there are quite a few open source drivers. You'll most probably have to develop to over one of them.





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                 I use libusb, and move the driver work into the actual software instead.


                If you didn't want to do this, you could write your own kernel driver, or just use libusb and a daemon instead.

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                  @ALI ,


                   have you worked on lib usb ? i need your further help regarding libusb.


                    could you please send me your email id, so that i can easily communicate with you.   i'll be very thankful to you.


                  Best Regards



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                     What programming language will you be using for the host software?


                    Libusb is a C API, I suggest you read its documentation here.


                    It covers there library init, device finding, and communication.


                    I prefer to use a scripting language whilst testing (I use ruby, along with the ruby-usb bindings, though python and PyUSB are very similar).


                    For some example C++ code, look here

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                      Is there any driver for Android for FX2LP microcontroller? I have downloaded cyusb_linux.1.0.4 and there are files 88-cyusb.rules and cy_enumerate.sh for Linux driver, however as far as I know there are some differences on Android.

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                        Currently we don't have drivers for Android