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    Running  PSoC5LP Devkit at 1.8V (CY8CKIT-050 PSoC® 5LP Development Kit)


       Hey PSoC Community!     



      I am wanting to design a board that will use 1.8V for VDDA and VDDD that will include the PSoC5LP as one of the components. It is important the PSoC runs at 1.8V since reducing the amount of power used is very important.     



      It would be nice to be able to set the operating voltage on the dev kit, but I took a look at the board schematic and I did not see a way. I would really feel more comfortable having tested my system using the dev kit with the PSoC running at 1.8V before I move on to designing and having a board fabricated.     



      Any suggestions? I would be willing to make modifications to the board if needed in order to make it run at 1.8V. If it is not possible to get the PSoC to run at 1.8V using the dev kit, are there any "gotchas" that I should be aware of at 1.8V that are not present at 3.3V?