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    Need help on bt_smartbridge_mfg_test

      I want to use bt_smartbridge_mfg_test coming with WICED-SDK-3.0.1. I found a brief description with .c file as blow, but when I google "bluetool", it doesn't turn up meaningful links. what is bluetool? How to get it?



      * Copyright 2014, Broadcom Corporation
      * All Rights Reserved.
      * This is UNPUBLISHED PROPRIETARY SOURCE CODE of Broadcom Corporation;
      * the contents of this file may not be disclosed to third parties, copied
      * or duplicated in any form, in whole or in part, without the prior
      * written permission of Broadcom Corporation.

      /** @file
      * Bluetooth SmartBridge Manufacturing Test Application
      * This application enables users to access the local Bluetooth
      * device using a PC manufacturing test application such as BlueTool.
      * Application Instructions
      *   1. Connect a PC terminal to the serial port of the WICED Eval board,
      *      then build and download the application as described in the WICED
      *      Quick Start Guide
      *   2. Run BlueTool on your computer
      *   3. Select Transport | HCI Control | UART
      *   4. Enter the corresponding COM port and set the baud rate to 115200.
      *      Ensure that 'CTS flow control and 'SLIP/Three-wire' are unticked and then
      *      click 'OK'. The HCI command window appears
      *   5. Select View | Log Window. The log window appears
      *   6. Double-click on your desired HCI command to send