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    CyBle_GapcStartScan() not working

      Hi all,




      Can someone explain why I might be getting the following behaviour from a CYBLE-022001?


      - CYBLE configured in observer-only mode: successfully gets scan results for all connectable (undirected) and non connectable (undirected) broadcasters


      - CYBLE configured in GATT Client, GAP Central + Peripheral mode: only gets scan results for connectable (undirected ) broadcasters but does NOT scan any non connectable (undirected) broadcasters




      In both cases, the broadcaster is another CYBLE configured as broadcaster-only with non connectable, undirected setting. Broadcast min/max time is 1000ms.


      In both cases, the "listening" CYBLE has scan setting of scan window/scan interval is 30ms, timeout 30s.

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          You may have to use a different discovery procedure.


          Build your project. Right click the CyBle_GapcStartScan APi and select "Go to definition". Now you will see the source for the API. Replace the CyBle_GapcStartScan API with the source code you see and just before the CyBle_GapcStartDiscovery APi is called in that source, you can select the appropriate discovery procedure such as:


                      cyBle_discoveryInfo.discProcedure = CYBLE_GAPC_OBSER_PROCEDURE;






                      cyBle_discoveryInfo.discProcedure = CYBLE_GAPC_LTD_DISC_PROCEDURE;






                      cyBle_discoveryInfo.discProcedure = CYBLE_GAPC_GEN_DISC_PROCEDURE;

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            Thanks. That is exactly what Cypress recommended through a mycase as well. Perfect. It works with OBSER_PROCEDURE.