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    Preprocessor defines in Build Settings wrong!? Please help me!

      This problem occurs with PSoC Creator  3.3 (




      Hello community,


      I ask You about help for an issue (bug?) in the PSoC Creator. What I simple want: Define a preprocessor definition with a value in the build settings and use it correctly in the editor.


      1. Define it by hand in a header-file (see screenshot 1)


      Anything correct here. The PSoC Creator makes the unused code gray and shows the correct case. Also on compiling the correct error is shown.


      2. Define it in "Build Settings" > "Compiler" > "Preprocessor Definitions" in correct syntax (TEST_VAL=1) (see screenshot 2)


      The PSoC Creator shows the define as "1=" instead of "1". So the code is not shown correct, gray code is indeed compiled! The compiler works correct, the correct error is shown.


      3. Define it in "Build Settings" > "Compiler" > "Preprocessor Definitions" in false syntax (TEST_VAL 1) (see screenshot 3)


      The PSoC Creator shows all correct, the gray code is really unused. But the compiler cannot handle the parameter -D "TEST_VAL 1" (see screenshot 4).




      So my problem is that I must choose if the compiler does the correct things or the PSoC Creator shows all correct. My favor is both together. Please help me to find a way or bugfix the PSoC Creator because this seems to be a bug in this Software.




      Thank You a lot for Your help!