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    problems when program CY22393 with IIC interface



      I'm trying to build a controller to program CY22393 with IIC interface, and there are two problems I have been struggling with. Hopes you can help.


      1. when serial programming the device and Current Address Read Operation is chosen, after the device transmits 8-bits word, “The master device(in this case, the controller) DOSE NOT acknowledge the transfer, but generates a STOP condition, which causes the CY22393 to stop transmission”, but the figure 3 in the datasheet shows that "the device issue an ACK then 8-bits blank then master ACK and then a STOP condition". So which one is right?


      2. when programming the Clk*_FS, if ClkA_FS[2:0]==001, the clka source is reserved. I'm wondering if I do set ClkA_FS==001, then what would happen?




      Still a toddlers, sincerely.