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    Porting WICED SDK 3.1.0 to Keil Environment

      Im just starting with WICED

      chip using:BCM43362
      SDK:WICED 3.1.0

      want to port WICED SDK to Keil Environment for this particular controller and chip with FreeRTOS and Lwip Stack.

      Successfully ported FreeRTOS and Lwip stack in the SDK to the Environment.

      found that "generated_mac_address.txt" and "43362A2_bin.c" is created at time of build.

      Adding the file -"43362A2_bin.c" and defines in the text file to the project, is the right way to go?

      Should bootloader, dct and application should be treated as separate projects? If so which files are the mutually exclusive for each of them?and which files should be included in all 3 of them?