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    component creation - accessing component definitions





      I've created my own component which internally uses an SPI master component (v2_50).


      I've added an API and can access the functions of the SPI ok for example  `$INSTANCE_NAME`_SPI_ClearRxBuffer() works fine.


      But using a definition of the component creates an error message - example:   `$INSTANCE_NAME`_SPI_STS_TX_FIFO_NOT_FULL would result in an error message: undeclared (first use in function).


      If i comment out the line of code and compile the project, i can access the definition in main - auto completion shows it to exist.


      In my component API i have included cytypes.h and cyfitter.h.


      I've tried including <project.h> but this also causes a compile error.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      kind regards,