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    I2S with PSoC 4 BLE





      I was trying to find an example project that uses I2S but could not find any that were compatible with the PSoC 4 BLE. I wanted to see how the components were set up (especially the settings) because the components are different in the example project I found. I have tried reading the data sheet but also had other questions.




      When data is read from the Rx buffer, is it automatically removed from the FIFO? Also, what is the best way to collect samples from an Rx direction I2S? I read that the data from I2S should be constantly streaming (i.e. the FIFO does not overflow and there should always be values to read from the FIFO). I have read about DMA and have tried using a firmware version of DMA. If the DMA fills up the memory space, does it continue trying to save samples or does it have to be reset?




      Sorry if these questions seem very obvious but I am still in the learning process. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.