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    Discovery count from single advertising channel




        According to the Bluetooth specification, limiting controller to advertise via specific channel, i.e. channel #37 only, means to disable 2 (#38, #39) out of 3 in one advertising event. This won't change the count of event in a period of time.

        So, I expect to have following evidence from my experiment:

        1. Advertising interval 83 ms (a.k.a 12 adv. event / per seconds)

        2. Advertising channel with all (#37, #38, #39) and only #37.

        3. To expect the same count of discovery from scanning of central role.


        But, weird thing that I faced is that I can't get same count of discovery from central device, now I'm using 20737 EVB.

        I only got ~ 4 event when the advertising channel is only at #37 with 100% scanning window.

        I've confirmed that total count of advertising event is the same at all channels which is enabled for advertising.


        Does anyone know the reason for this phenomenon?

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