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    CyBle_StartTransmitterTest example


      Is there any example on how to use the 'CyBle_StartTransmitterTest' function?  I'm trying to implement it, and I don't understand what "length of test data" is.  Is that 'bytes'?  Is it 'time in seconds'?  I thought it would be time, but the 'CyBle_StartReceiverTest' doesn't have a similar time component (only frequency, which the transmitter test also has as a parameter).  

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          cutty bear - thanks.  So what does that mean, exactly?  Is the value I put in the byte count of each of the types of transmitter tests (ZERO thorugh SEVEN)?  Is it a pure byte count that will keep transmitting that type until the byte count is expired?  For example, type "ONE" transmits one byte of 11110000 - so if my byte count is "30" it will send 30 of those?  (type ZERO is a 20-bit pattern, so there's more math there I guess).  Thanks!

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            First of all you go on Psoc Creator. Then you open API documentation. Look up what you wanted to know 'CyBle_StartTransimitterTest'. The word is uint8 in length.

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              Yes, I read that documentation.  That's why I asked the question to begin with since "length of test data" had a one sentence description, and it doesn't give any details on whether length is in bytes or in "test sequence counts" or that it was even a byte thing vs. a time thing (one of my colleagues thought it was length in "seconds" initially).  And even if you were to assume length meant "data" and not "time", it doesn't give any indication that it does it in a repeating pattern (though it's easy enough to assume that), and it doesn't tell you whether it's the full thing itself that is repeated, or just until the total bytes are sent.   I've worked with a lot of documentation on a lot of different tech, and I have to say by far that Cypress has one of the worst documented APIs I've ever read.  I mean, how hard is it to add a 3 sentence paragraph showing an example of what this means?