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    I2S DMA configuration



      I was trying to adapt the original InterIcSound Project (for PSOC3/5LP) to a similar project for PSOC4. The problem here is that the DMA components are totally different from those in PSOC3/5LP and I tried to configure the DMAs as precise as possible according to the methods DmaRxConfiguration(); and DmaTxConfiguration(); in main from InterIcSound Project, but without any success.


      I've attached my project and I am hoping that a someone can see what the problems are and maybe correct them; I have read the datasheets, but still I can´t get nowhere...


      Thank you in advance for your time!

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          I watched a video and it does not match anything that you have on your attachment that you put on Psoc Creator. You HAVE to have a Filter component. But that doesn't exist in your device. RxDMA and TxDMA is not supported on this device. You HAVE to use a Psoc 5 if you want to do this project.

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            I see I didn´t explain myself very well and therefore some confusion... I don´t use a PSOC, rather a PROC BLE 4.2, more specifically the CYBLE 222014-01, which has DMA components that differ from those in Psoc 5. The main goal of the project is to test the functionality of the I2S component in the exchange of data between two buffers (SRAM) through the DMAs. As soon as the mechanism is sufficiently understood, I would like to connect the I2S component only with a DMA to store audio data from a microphone set onto the chip. Thus, the simulation of  information exchange between the components is important to understand the basic functionality between I2S and DMA.


            In my project I would like to transfer the data in a buffer through the I2S to another buffer as in the original IcSound project for Psoc5, be able to write to and read from I2S successfully, so that the target buffer contains the same values as the source buffer.


            Why do a need a filter actually?


            Once again I´m very appreciated for all your comments/ feedback.