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    KitProg and CY8CKIT-001


      Assuming one makes an appropriate adapter cable, is it possible to program the CY8C38 and CY8C58 family processor modules in the CY8CKIT-001 using the KitProg that comes with the CY8CKIT-059?



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          Should be possible. 

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            Looking at the board, the pins aren't broken out and the 10 pin header is a bit of a pain.


            You may want to use the DM and DP pins instead, as they appear to be broken out.




            "The SWD interface in PSoC® 3 and PSoC 5LP uses two pins for programming/debug. Either one of the pairs of pins below can be used as SWD pins.


            JTAG pins as SWD pins: TMS (P1[0]) as SWDIO, TCK (P1[1]) as SWDCK
            USB pins as SWD pins: USB D+ (P15[6]) as SWDIO, USB D- (P15[7]) as SWDCK"


            It looks like kitprog doesn't support power cycling as an option for acquiring.  You could either solder to the reset switch on the dev board, or to the associated resistor if you need reset functionality, if you didn't have a cable you could hack up.


            Alternatively, the KitProg source is floating around - it should be doable to modify it to support power cycling.

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              It's working.  Using the CY8CKIT-059 schematics as a guide, I made 5-pin to 10-pin adapter cable as follows:

              Pin 1 (VTARG)Pin 1 (VTARG)
              Pin 2 (Gnd)Pins 3,5,7,9
              Pin 3 (RST)Pin 10 (RES)
              Pin 4 (SWDCLK)Pin 4 (TCK)
              Pin 5 (SWDIO)Pin 2 (TMS)













              It's not pretty, but it works.  And, because I set VDD=5V on the CY8CKIT-001 board, I didn't have to remove D1 from the Kitprog.


              The reason I even tried to do this was because the MiniProg3 that came with my CY8CKIT-001 was probably bad from the beginning.  PSoC Creator & PSoC Programmer failed to recognize it on 3 different PCs running 2 different operating systems.  However, it took several days of back and forth with overseas (I believe) technical support to come to this conclusion.  Now, it appears that the back and forth with customer service will take a few days.


              But, I could get a CY8CKIT-059 overnighted to me rather cheaply.  So, while I waited for the kit to arrive, I built the adapter.  Fortunately, it worked the first time.

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                Wow.  The editor did quite a number on my table.  Apparently, what is displayed in the editor and what is displayed in the post are 2 different things.  Here's an alternate description:


                Kitprog Pin 1 (VTARG) ------> JTAG Pin 1 (VTARG)


                Kitprog Pin 2 (GND) -----> JTAG Pins 3,5,7,9


                Kitprog Pin 3 (RST) -----> JTAG Pin 10 (RES)


                Kitprog Pin 4 (SWDCLK) -----> JTAG Pin 4 (TCK)


                Kitprog Pin 5 (SWDIO) -----> JTAG Pin 2 (TMS)