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    Who will make AM29DL800BB-70EI again?

      I have a demand of 300K of AM29DL800BB-70EI, will Cypress make that quantity again? Or some OEM make it and pay Cypress royalty fee?


      Or appreciate anyone knows how to find a migration solution.


      Many thanks.








      Rain Wong

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          Contact cypress for this.

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            Do you know who to contact? I tried the customer service, they asked me to contact a distributor who can send the request to Cypress, but sending a few emails to this distributor and even a phone call, not a single answer after few months already

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              Hello Rain,


              It is important to note, the entire AM29DL800B 3.0V FLASH memory series is not recommended for new designs. There is no direct drop-in replacement for the AM29DL800BB-70EI  family series that exists.


              Please do keep in mind that the AM29DL800B 3.0V FLASH memory series, including the AM29DL800BB-70EI are now obsolete, and are not recommended for new designs. Please refer the below Link.




              Third party vendors or non-authorized distributors claiming to have various quantities of the AM29DL800BB70WBD in their inventory do not carry any factory warranty or guarantee, or any extended factory warranty or guarantee from Cypress . Purchasing of EOL/obsolete Cypress FLASH memory product(s) through third party vendors, non-authorized distributors and alike, the Purchaser assumes full responsibility of the actual condition/state of the Cypress  FLASH memory products. Please contact Arco, Inc. as there may be the possibility that Arco may have some limited quantities of the AM29DL800BB70WBD within its inventory network


              ARCO, INC.


              ARCO MEMORY GROUP


              Global Distribution of Electronic Components


              300 State Route 17, Unit K Mahwah, NJ 07430, USA


              Main: 201-828-9808 ext 221









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                Thank you for the help Krishna. I did find some stocks of AM29DL800BB70WBI, but it is in FBGA, not TSOP48 package, so I can't use them.


                We do not intend to use AM29DL800BB70EI for new design, just old design and we still making products with the part.  Hard to change or upgrade.


                Because we do have quite a demand, say 300K, so really hope that Cypress can still make for us

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                  Hello Rain,


                  Cypress do not have any inventory of the parts AM29DL800BB70EI.