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    Reading Component Version

      Does anyone know if there is a way to determine a component's version number at compile time (or run time)?  I want to do this is because there is an error with the SPI Slave current version (2.70).  The Tx FIFO Empty line doesn't clear properly.  This error is listed in the errata section of the datasheet and is slated to be fixed in the future.  Until then, I have a workaround.  However, once the error is fixed, the workaround would cause problems.


      I thought that, if there were a way to read the component's version number, I could conditionally compile the workaround.  However, the only place in the component's header file that had a version number was a comment line.  I have searched through various project/system header files, but found no component version numbers.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.