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    4046 replacement



      I need a clean and jitterfree 4096kHz clock, locked to a 4kHz reference clock.


      At the moment, I realize that with HC4046 as PLL and HC4040 as 1/1024 prescaler.


      Side-conditions are industrial temperature range, long term supply, and maybe an integrated prescaler, 3.3V.


      Do you think the 4046/4040 solution is appropriate - or are there any better solutions to consider.



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          Unfortunately, there is no pin to pin replacement device available. We do not have much devices with Reference in KHz frequency range. The closer I would recommend is CY26049-36 that supports 8KHz as the Reference and 4096KHz at the output as you need. Check details at: http://www.cypress.com/?mpn=CY26049ZXC-36. We have more programmable clocks supporting 4096 KHz output however, they support Reference starting from 1MHz. CY22801, CY22381 are ones to name a few.

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            Thanks for your summary.


            Looking at your competitors, there are pretty no parts with reference clock in the khz range.


            This gives me the confidence that my solution with the 4046 is somewhat indicated.


            Because our reference clock maybe even as low as 500 Hz,  the part you suggested wont fit.


            I just wanted to be sure that my solution is appropriate - and that there is no new cool stuff Im unaware ;-))





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              Regrettably, nothing with Cypress at this moment in Hz or KHz range for the reference.