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    TCP Server hangs after sometime



      I am using Murata's SN8200 module and SDK-2.4.0. The board is configured as WICED_STA_DEVICE.


      I am testing a modified version of tcp_async_server snippet. The server receives and sends packets to a client once in every 3 seconds. The data is not much (only 10 bytes per poll). The application was working fine for 2.5 continuous Days. Then after that the application gets hanged. I am not even able to ping it anymore. It completely stops working till a hard reset.


      I faced this problem many times before. The application gets hanged after arbitrary time. 


      My problem is more or less similar to the following two posts . Only difference is my packet frequency is little less.

      TCP server crashes if large amount of packets are being receaved

      Hangup if quickly sending multiple requests to ping_webserver


      I am using ThreadX + NetX_Duo build.  Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks in Advance.