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    PSoC Creator 101 Feedback


      I'd like to thank you for watching the PSoC Creator 101 videos.  I hope you've found the information useful to getting started with PSoC and PSoC Creator.  You can ask any questions you may have on the lessons in this forum.  We're happy to help you get started.




      I'd love to hear from you on what lessons you'd like to see next or if there are any changes you'd like to see in our format.  We are hopeing to do a second series toward the end of the year.  The current thought is a 201 series on Digital Design with the PSoC 4.  Let me know what you think.







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          What is the recommended method to customize the default files - schematic, main.c, any .h or .c files added? How to make changes to reflect the company, designer, date, etc to comply with existing company formats and block layouts. Is it possible to insert macros in the template files to reflect date of original creation or other system data that would normally be entered at the time of creation?


          I located the templates in the C:\Program Files\Cypress\ PSoC Creator\3.0\PSoC Creator\templates\projects\ and ..\templates\files\, are these the correct ones?  Are there other files that can be customized for the particular user requirements?

          I could not find this in any documentation. Is there a knowledge base article or appnote for this?

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            The template-files are marked as read-only and when there comes a new version you have to set them anew manually.


            To my personal disapointment there are no macros available, I would like to see one injecting some code (#ifndef Sybolname, #define Symbolname and the closing #endif) in the .h files.




            There is no usual structure for company, author and copyright, so every company will have to develop its own file-headers.




            Happy coding



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              After three years I believe it is time to update the videos to the current PSoC Creator. A major problem with the current videos is that PSoC Creator has changed and at times one gets lost looking for something on the screen that no longer exists.




              I would like to further recommend that you not be so concerned about keeping the videos under 6 min. I think 10 minute average would be better, because many times there is no expalanation of what is being done in PSoC Creator. It is merely very quickly shown in the background unrelated to what the speaker is talking about. I assume this is done to save time. It takes a lot longer for me to stop the video every half second to try to decypher what the operator in the back ground is very quickly doing than it would if the video would just walk me through each step that I need to follow. For the first several videos every mouse click should be verbally described along with showing what is happenning on the screen. And the speaker should talk slower. Alan Hawse does a good job of explaining things but it would be easier to mentally process if he spoke more slowly.




              I would also like to see explanations given about the settings and items being used instead of just telling us to do this or that. For instance, explain what the hardware check box is about and what the external terminal check box does, etc. When a new programable component is used, describe what it does and what the various settings do. Furthermore, when code is presented, I would like explanations of what the code is doing. I would also like to know how the code interacts with the hardware blocks. I am bewildered about how a line of code interacts with a hardware block.




              The overall concept of programability could also do with a better explaination. I have watched the introductory videos several times and still have only a vague understanding of what it is all about. For instance what are the limits of programability? How many PWM or flip-flops can be used on a single chip? How many times can each programable component be used? Can I fill the chip with progamable logic blocks and not use the MCU at all?




              These are a few of the thoughts I have regarding the tutorial videos that I have watched so far.




              Remember, for the most part, those using the videos have no idea what they are doing and are trying to learn a new MCU system and software. Explain to them what they are doing don't just tell them what to do, please.




              Thank you.