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    Interrupt handler callback is not called sometimes

      In WICED-SMART-SDK2.1.0,  I use hello-sensor.

      For interrupt, I uses P0 GPIO which is SW1 in BCM920737 Tag board.

      I use deep sleep mode to save power, but interrupt handler callback function is not called sometimes.

      I set the deep sleep mode to be toggled with button SW1.

      It can wake up but some times it can not be into deep sleep mode although I press SW1.

      I checked SW1 is high before I pressed (I modified P0 into pull up) and goes low when I pressed.

      Through reset, it can be called. When I remove deep sleep mode function, interrupt handler can be called well.


      I put the board to go deepsleep mode using devlpm_init(), devlpm_enableWakeFrom(GPIO_PIN_BUTTON).

      At the end of hello_sensor_create(), I put bleprofile_PrepareHidOff().

      and I put pull up resistor on P0, so PO acts like pull up port and goes to low when I press SW1.

      My code is added,

      I hope to know what is wrong with this.