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    BCM20376 SPI2 Slave P26_CS_P24_CLK_P33_MOSI_P2_MISO

      Hi, I am trying to use SPI2 Slave P26_CS_P24_CLK_P33_MOSI_P2_MISO.


      I used this code and changed spi2PortConfig.spiGpioConfig = SLAVE2_P02_CS_P03_CLK_P00_MOSI_P01_MISO;




      spi2PortConfig.spiGpioConfig = SLAVE2_P26_CS_P24_CLK_P33_MOSI_P2_MISO;


      but doesn't work. Any thoughts?

      void spiffy2_slave_initialize(void)

      // To use SPIFFY2 as slave

      spi2PortConfig.masterOrSlave = SLAVE2_CONFIG;

      // To pull for MISO for slave, MOSI/CLOCK/CS if we are slave mode

      spi2PortConfig.pinPullConfig = INPUT_PIN_PULL_DOWN;

      // To use P3 for CLK, P0 for MOSI and P1 for MISO in SLAVE mode

      spi2PortConfig.spiGpioConfig = SLAVE2_P02_CS_P03_CLK_P00_MOSI_P01_MISO;

      // DO NOT CONFIGURE CS_PORT and CS_PIN in SLAVE mode - the HW takes care of this. // There is no need to configure the speed too – the master selects the speed.
      // Initialize SPIFFY2 instance



      // Configure the SPIFFY2 HW block

      spiffyd_configure(SPIFFYD_2, SPEED, SPI_MSB_FIRST, SPI_SS_ACTIVE_LOW, SPI_MODE_3);