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    ppcli.exe example for psoc 5?

      Is there a proper example for using command line with psoc 5?  Probably not, right?  Because of the turgid UI?

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          Hello ,


          I just want to check if you have got a chance to check the document PSoC_Programmer_CLI.pdf available in the PSoC Programmer installation directory(eg: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\Programmer\Documents).This has information about the different commands.





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            Hima, thanks for the reply.. yes, I'm reading the _cli.pdf.  It only has examples for simple PSOC, not for 3/5... the algorithm for 3/5 is much more complex, since you have to query the device and program by rows.  There is no example for CLI for 3/5, since it would be almost impossible to make one.  The documentation in general is not clear as to the different capabilities, you have to dig to find the capabilities matrix for each command and see that Program() is not a PSoC 3/5 command.


            I'm now using the COM C++ example and it works... I changed the code so I am able to add command-line arguments for the ID number of the MiniProg3... I hard-code the name of the hex file.  One problem... I'm not able to run two of these at once.  I have two PSoC 5's on my board and it would be nice to run two at once... looks like I'm going to have to do them sequentially.  Should I be able to run two COM Cpp_Ex.exe sessions at the same time, pointing to different ?

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              Hello Stephen,


              I don't think you can program the two devices at the same time using the same application. I believe using different applications it might be possible.But we have not tested this scenario.It looks like it will work. Did you get a chance to test this?





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                        Hima, I'm having to program them one after the other... this works OK, no problem.   
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                  Is there an example for the PSoC5 yet?
                  I'm trying to program the 5LP eval board which uses the Kitprog. Setting protocol 8 results in complaint that the device is not in ISSP mode, setting protocol 2 alieviates this, but causes a no-response.


                  Could someone supply an example sequence, thanks. (or this only possible with a miniprog?)

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                    Ok, looks like I need to do a DAP_Acquire rather than an Acquire, but now there's the Erase and Program to deal with?

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                      Hi, i am currently at the same point in atempting to make a script for production to eazy program a CY8C5xxxLP family chip. Do you perhaps already have some results?




                      I've also tried is via the 'CommandLineProgrammer.exe' but the moment i start the .exe, windows prompts a 'JtagChainProgrammer' stopped working...

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                        Did you ever figure this out? I'm looking at _cli.pdf as well, there is a psoc6 ppcli program example, which I tried to modify for psoc5lp. However I'm now stuck as well



                        OpenPort KitProg/06100A18001E6400 .

                        SetAcquireMode "Reset"

                        SetProtocol 8

                        SetProtocolClock 224

                        SetProtocolConnector 1

                        HEX_ReadFile "C:\\hyattController.hex"   < returns 0x00040000

                        HEX_GetRowsCount                                < returns 0



                        PSoC3_ProgramRowFromHex 0    << Not enough inputs to PSoC3_ProgramRowFromHex


                        Hopefully you figured this out.