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    cy5677 can't pair with LE Secure Connection



      My development tool can connect to CY5677 usb dongle, but it can't work correctly when I pressed "pair" button to enter pairing flow(LE Secure Connections and Justwork authentication).


      At first, CY5677 would send pairing request, then I send "pairing response" and followed by "pairing confirm(slave)". But CY5677 seems not to receive "pairing response" because CY5677 don't send "pairing random" and CySmsart pop up "AUTH_ERROR_AUTHENTICATION_TIMEOUT" a few seconds later.


      I found it strange that after we sent "pairing response", my ble sniffer showed "crc error packets" from CY5677 at the next connection event. 


      However, I tried to set "SC bit(secure connection)" to 0 to request LE legacy pairing, it works fine! 


      I don't know why happened with CY5677 and how to pair with LE Secure Connections properly.



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          Please create a Tech Support case so that our engineers can review your firmware and guide you through this.





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            My device act as LE Slave role, My device is advertising and CY5677 device can connect to my device and start pairing using pair button.


            1. It started the paring send smp pairing , my device sent smp response,


            2. Public keys are exchanged master to slave and slave to master


            3. Slave has sent confirm key,.


            4. Random numbers also exchanged.


            5. I received confirm key miss match error (AUTH_ERROR_CONFIRM_VALUE_NOT_MATCH).


            Unit testing has done for confirm key generation at my side.




            Can you cross check once and guide me right path.