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    EZ-SERIAL maxium pheripheral devices

      Hi we want to configure a CYBLE-014008-00, using EZ-serial as a GAP central, but before buy anything we want to know if the ez-serial-firmware. can be connected up to 7  pheripheral devices at the same time.
      And we want to know if ussing this firmware, the module can be configured at the same time as a GAP central and iBeacon.

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          The CYBLE-014008-00 module and BLE stack supports only one open connection at a time, whether in peripheral or central mode. So it would not be possible to connect to 7 peripheral devices at the same time. However, the BLE stack is capable of maintaining a connection and simultaneously broadcasting in a non-connectable mode, such as what you might need for iBeacon advertisements. Or, of course, it is also possible to switch between being operating as a GAP central and a broadcasting peripheral at different times.


          The EZ-Serial firmware is built on top of the same standard components provided in PSoC Creator, so it has the same capabilities and limitations. It does provide a way to operate in a non-connectable broadcast mode while being connected to another device, but it cannot open a connection to more than one peripheral device at a time.