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    How to compile the wiced sense firmware?

      I've setup the wiced smart SDK and put the wiced_sense firmware under the App folder of the SDK and tried compile and download the firmware by:


      $ ./make wiced_sense-BCM920737TAG_Q32 download UART=/dev/ttyUSB0

      Compiling wiced_sense.c

      Linking target ELF

      OK, made elf.

      Call to wiced_sense_spar_crt_setup @ 00207971

      OK, made /home/edwardrf/Workspaces/wiced/Wiced-Smart/spar/../../build/wiced_sense-BCM920737TAG_Q32-rom-ram-Wiced-release/A_20737A1-wiced_sense-rom-ram-spar.cgs. MD5 sum is:

      176b2b490643d8036361c00039537247  ../../build/wiced_sense-BCM920737TAG_Q32-rom-ram-Wiced-release/A_20737A1-wiced_sense-rom-ram-spar.cgs




      Patches start at                  0x00204568 (RAM address)

      Patches end at                    0x002052D0 (RAM address)

      Application starts at             0x00204F70 (RAM address)

      Application ends at               0x0020794E (RAM address)



      Patch size (including reused RAM)       3432 bytes

      Patch size                              2568 bytes

      Application size                       10718 bytes


      Total RAM footprint                    13286 bytes (13.0kiB)




      Converting CGS to HEX...

      Conversion complete



      Creating OTA images...

      Conversion complete

      OTA image footprint in NV is 12823 bytes



      Downloading application...

      Download complete



      Application running


      However, the wiced ble device disappeared and not responding to button press, no sign of the app running at all, what did I do wrong here?