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    BCM920737 support SPP ?



      Is RFCOMM service available with BLE product BCM920737 ?


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          SPP in general is not supported in BLE products.

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            I believe RFCOMM (RS-232 Serial Cable Emulation Profile) is affiliated with BT Classic, not BLE.


            Are you trying to make a BLE<->UART bridge?  Perhaps you can use the Peripheral UART on the 2073X device?   Refer to the Hardware Interfaces Application Note.    WICED Smart Hardware Interfaces


            Broadcom also offers the BCM43340 and BCM43341 combination chips that are Dual-Mode devices - in which case the RFCOMM is supported. Or perhaps the BCM20702 might work for your application (it's a HID/HCI device).


            As BoonT states, there is no RFCOMM service in the BCM20732, 736, nor 737.

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