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    Does WEP support in WICED SDK?

      Dear Sir:


      I try WEP in WICED SDK, but it can't work. (OPEN/ WPA/ WPA2 are okay)

      Here is the summary:


      softAP mode (SDK3.1.0 / SDK2.4.1)


      WICED_SECURITY_WEP_PSK : can't scan SSID

      WICED_SECURITY_WEP_SHARED : can scan SSID, try to connect but there is no password input box pop up.

      WICED_SECURITY_WPA2_AES_PSK : authentication and connection success


      sta mode (SDK3.1.0 / SDK2.4.1)




      WICED_SECURITY_WPA2_AES_PSK : authentication and connection success


      Attached file is my example code.



      So, Does WICED SDK not support WEP? (as sta or softAP)

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              From the ReadMe.txt in WICED SDK v2.4.1 and v3.1.0, the WEP-40, WEP-104 are supported.

              We also tried sample codes: https_client with the the following config for DCT, but still failed to associate with WLAN AP.


          #define CLIENT_AP_SSID       "CCH"

          #define CLIENT_AP_PASSPHRASE "abcde"



          #define CLIENT_AP_CHANNEL    1

          #define CLIENT_AP_BAND       WICED_802_11_BAND_2_4GHZ



               Do we missing anything or mis-config the WEP mode?



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            Was there any resolution to this.  I'm having the same issue.

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              Do you have try or chcek the apps/snip/security_types ?


              Which is show how to connect to different security type of AP !

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                My understanding is that the radio supports WEP to be backward compatible, but WICED specifically excludes WEP from the application initialization process, so it does not officially implement WEP.


                static wwd_result_t internal_ap_init( wiced_ssid_t* ssid, wiced_security_t auth_type, const uint8_t* security_key, uint8_t key_length, uint8_t channel )



                    if ( auth_type == WICED_SECURITY_WEP_PSK )


                          return WWD_WEP_NOT_ALLOWED;


                If user wants to implement WEP, they would un-comment the WEP checking code above and enable the feature if so desired.


                Note that the enabling of WEP has not been tested, and that there are no plans to officially enable and test this functionality.


                Essentially, when enabling WEP security, the user expected to test the feature for completeness and errors.