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    Using the filter block

      I am reading a 10 bit unsigned number from the ADC, and I want to feed this to the filter, which uses 24 bit 2's compliment data.


      On the output of the filter, I pick up 24 bit 2's compliment data and I'd like to convert that back to 10 bit unsigned data.


      Is there a code example for this?




      Exploring further:  If I ignore the ADC, and just feed 0x000001 to the filter, shouldn't I expect 0x000001 out at some point? My filter is a lowpass, so DC should be within the passband.


      There's a great deal not included in the documentation for the filter block.


      Since it operates on a 24 bit value, do I need to "dc shift" the input value up by 0x7FFFFF?