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    Apparent bug in PSoC Creator: Multiple builds cause crash

      I have been developing with PSoC Creator 4.1 and the CY8CKIT-049-42xx prototyping kit. After I build my very small program about 10 times I get a group of errors:


      "data will not fit in region rom"


      "... overlaps section .data loaded at <HEXNUM>"




      "Build error: region rom overflowed by 0 bytes"




      To correct this I clean the program, but that causes the bootloadable component to become invalid so I have to remove the bootloadable component, rebuild, load in the bootloadable component again and then set it to the correct hex file. This process allows me to rebuild the program again. (None of this has anything to do with any trivial edits I may have made in my original program.)


      Then I have been getting another problem when I try to download the program with the Bootloader Host:"Flash row is not valid for the selected array." Sometimes I have been able to correct this last problem by shutting down PSoC Creator and restarting. Lately, not even that works. I am currently unable to use the Bootloader host mode to program the prototyping kit. (Yes, I held the button down.)


      (I am currently using the miniprog3 to load my programs on to the prototyping kit.)


      Is this a bug with PSOoC Creator? I have no idea what I could be doing wrong to cause the program to not build, nor why I have to reinstall the bootloadable component after a clean, nor why the bootloader host is no longer working.


      The problem is identical on both prototyping kits that I have.


      Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.