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    Rf function for Psoc CY3209 EXPRESS EVK

              I am an final year student with an project of RF by using Psoc, what I do is a Heartrate monitoring by using telemetry, well I already got a hear rate strap(POLAR T31) to detect heart rate(transmitters are worn around the chest and generate a 5kHz magnetic pulse with each heart beat they detect. The transmitted magnetic signals are fairly weak, but typically have a range of over 3 feet)   
      My tutor suggest me to use one quadrant psoc cy3209 set as an transceiver,means receive the RF signal from strap and then transmit the signal for longer distance~and could use the orthe quadrant set as an orther receiver(Hardware simulation) and then dispaly the data on PC.   
      As I am not familar with the Psoc, I do not know whether this method will be work or not, and which step I should start with Psoc?