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    ICE-4000 and PSOC designer 5.0

      I have been out of the PSoC loop for a while, and want to get started with it again.   
      Unfortunately I have run into a problem.   
      I have a PSoC ICE-4000 with USB-4000 usb adapter, which all worked perfectly under designer 4.2   
      However I now installed (on a new PC) Designer 5.0, which basically seems to refuse to work with anything else than a ICE-CUBE.   
      After some searching, I have found and installed the PSoC Progammer utility, which enables me to program a PSoC using the ICE-4000. This also works inside Designer 5.0, but I still am unable to select, configure and use the ICE functionality.   
      Does anyone know how I can get my ICE-4000 up and running under Designer 5.0 ?   
      Thanks in advance.   
      Best regards,   
      Robin Stevenhagen