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    Announcing PSoC Programmer 3.05

              The latest version of PSoC Programmer, version 3.05 is released. This release supports the new PSoC Designer 5.0 SP4 release. The programmer may be downloaded from www.cypress.com/psocprogrammer . Some of the new features included with this release are:   
      1. Removal of .NET packages from the installer. This has reduced PSoC Programmer download and installer to <30MB.
      3. Installer tests user's system and, if not in compliance, will prompt the user to install the correct .NET framework (prompt with Microsoft link).
      5. PSoC Programmer now supports the CY3240 USB-I2C Bridge kit from the COM level.
      7. Provides hardware access to the CY3240 USB-I2C Bridge through high level API's.
      9. Expansion of the existing COM level support.
      11. PSoC Programmer 3.05 now ships with the Clock Programmer. This programmer is built on the PSoC Programmer COM and utilizes the CY3240 USB-I2C Bridge tool to configure Cypress Clock devices. We will continue to expand the Clock support in the future. The user may launch this programmer from the Start Menu > Cypress > Clock Programmer 1.2.
      13. PSoC Programmer 3.05 also offers a substantial increase in new device support over PSoC Programmer Please see the release notes for a detailed listing of new devices. CY7C604xx, CY7C643xx, CY8C20x36, CY8C20xx6, CY8C22x45, CY8C21x45, CY8C28xxx, CY8CTST201, CY8CTMG201, CY8CTST300, CY8CTMG300, CY8CTMA300, CY8CLED03D0x, CY8CPLCxx, CY8CLED16Pxx.