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    Downloading PSoC firmware in the field

      We are using the PSoC in a product for which we must be able to update the firmware in the field. Our device contains a radio module in addition to the PSoC, so our code on the PSoC will need to somehow receive the new firmware from the radio module (via the UART interface) and write this to the PSoC flash memory.

      Obviously this is not a trivial problem. It would be much simpler if there was at least 50% of the flash memory available; then we could download the new firmware to the free half of the flash before setting a flag to tell the boot code to start up by jumping to the newly downloaded firmware version. However, we are using about 95% of our flash memory, so this is infeasible.

      I imagine the only solution is to create our own boot loader, which contains the minimal code necessary to receive firmware updates from the radio module. Then, the PSoC could be reset, and the boot loader can receive the new firmware and incrementally erase/write the flash memory as bits of the firmware are received.

      It would be imperative that the boot loader could recover from a failed firmware download attempt, since it is highly probable that at least one packet of data will be dropped or corrupted once in a while.

      I just found application note AN2273 (I2C Bootloader for PSoC, 16-Byte Packet Transfer), but are there any other resources that could be helpful?

      Thanks for any suggestions.


      Colin D. Bennett

      Venture Design Services, Inc.


      Field Firmware Upgrade Resources

      This is a list of resources related to upgrading PSoC firmware in the field. Please contribute any other resources you think might be applicable.

           Application note AN2100 (PSoC flash programming over UART with bootloader)     
           Application note AN2273 (I2C Bootloader for PSoC, 16-Byte Packet Transfer)