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    QP-nano state machine framework/RTOS for PSoC

              QP-nano is tiny, open source, state machine framework and preemptive kernel for developing real-time embedded applications. It is probably the smallest framework/RTOS of this kind on the market that easily fits in the Cypress PSoC.   
      QP-nano has been specifically designed to enable event-driven programming with concurrent hierarchical state machines (UML statecharts) on low-end 8- and 16-bit single-chip MCUs and DSPs. The framework is ideal for medical and military/aerospace applications, as it offers excellent traceability from modern design to code.   
      QP-nano consists of a universal UML-compliant event processor (QEP-nano), a highly portable event-driven framework (QF-nano), and a tiny preemptive run-to-completion kernel (QK-nano) as well as a cooperative kernel.   
      The QP-nano framework can manage up to 8 concurrently executing hierarchical state machines and requires only 1-2KB of code (ROM) and just several bytes of RAM. This tiny footprint, especially in RAM, makes QP-nano ideal for PSoC applications. Please refer to the    www.state-machine.com website for more information.   
      Complete QP-nano development kit for the Cypress PSoCEVAL1 evaluation kit is available for free download from    www.state-machine.com/psoc.   
      Miro Samek