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              Hi All,   
      i am new to this forum, i'm working on cypress controller for the past 2 months.   
      1. In my firmware, I have set the Enpoint(6) buffer size as 512. But, in Get Transfer Size API call (for respective Endpoints - 6) is returning size as 4096.   
      why it is happenning ? if my endpoint size is 512 why it is returning 4096.   
      Transfer Size should be same as the Endpoint Buffer Size. if not, tell me for what purpose trasnfer size is using...   
      Please clarify the same   
      2. By Default, Cypress speec is high speed. Can you tell me Cypress API which will set the speed?   
      3.i need the reponse time for XferData Function, it is taking more than 16ms for getting data from board (in HIGH Speed) ?   
      Please Clarify my doubt as soon as possible.