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    EVB using BCM94390WCD2 may be crashed.


      Hi, gangi


      Our customer's test board may be crashed. So download is always failed with error log below.

      It may be caused wrong application is download. Our customer verified usb cable had no problem at all.

      Could you give a guide how to recover EVB? I also posted log files.


      Test board : Module information is BCM94390WCD2 and EVB version is BCM9WCD3EVAL1.

      SDK : SDK 3.1.0


      Creating Filesystem

      Downloading DCT ...

      platforms/BCM94390WCD2/BCM94390WCD2_targets.mk:118: recipe for target 'download_dct' failed

      Makefile:185: recipe for target 'main_app' failed

      make.exe[1]: *** [download_dct] Error 1

      make: *** [main_app] Error 2



      Sung-Mok Lee

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          Hi Sung-mok_lee,


          Could you try running "clean" and later try downloading the application and see if this gets resolved?




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            Hi gangi and vik86,


            I resolved this issue as gangi's comments, that is


            1) Build the following command:   make waf.sflash_write-NoOS-NoNS-YOUR_PLATFORM WIPE=1

            2) Boot the board, bypassing the sflash:       

                - Press and hold the de-brick button next to the SIP       

                - Momentarily press the Reset button       

                - Release the de-brick button.

            3) Go to your Eclipse debug configuration       

                Run Menu -> Debug Configurations -> Startup Tab        Check the "Load Image" checkbox.

            4) Debug and run the app in eclipse. This should wipe the serial flash and de-brick the board.




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