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    PWM with Mosfet IRF740

              I need to do a PWM with MOSFET IRF740, but I have difficulty to implement the PSoC CY8C29466. I'm using PSoC Designer latest version, but the development is being in PSoC Express. I await answers, thank you.   
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          Please let me know what kind of problems you are facing in implementing the above mentioned application. I'll try to help you in getting through this.   
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                    Hi, I need to control a DC motor, 12V 4A with a IRF740 MOSFET OWN through a modulating pulse width. My difficulty is to make all the implementation of PWM using PSoC Express, but with the Software PSoC Designer 5.5 or words with System Level Project.   
            Thank you in advance and wait for your help.   
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                      In the System Level solution, we have PWM in the output driver list. You can select 12V, 5A High Side with variable duty cycle to switch the MOSFET ON/OFF or to regulate the speed of the motor. For controlling the duty cycle, you can have a POTENTIOMETER. I have attached an example project which implements the same thing.   
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                        Ok I'll try to write to the CI and control the engine, so you respond as it was.   
                I wonder if I have to adjust the RTC with a button, as I tried, but when I press the same, increment in 1 minute, but when it is released, it decreases, returning to baseline. If you can help me, I am very grateful.