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    How do I use a maximum throughput?

      Hello. Thank you always for your help.


      I was sent to 236byte the length of characteristic. BCM20732(SDK-1.1.0) transmission performance.


      When I check in Android, it takes about 10 seconds, the transfer is complete. 236byte / 10 => 23byte => 184bit .

      It's too late to transfer.

      According to BCM20732(SDK-1.1.0) transmission performance.The maximum throughput is 300kbits/s around.


      How can make it around the 300kbits/s?

      If possible the other way, let me know how possible to 300kbits/s.

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          The above number is really a theoretical one. The real world number out there is probably less than a third of it.


          The strategy to achieve the best (and not the maximum) throughput is to transmit the maximum number of packets (integers of 20bytes) in the minimum connection time interval.


          The minimum connection interval dictated by BT4.0 can ranged from 7.5ms to 4000ms. You can check out Speed_Test under Apps within the SDK for more on the above.


          I also noticed from your previous post that you are using Notifications instead of Indications. The former can improved the throughput a little but has poor reliability as it has no acknowledgment.

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            Excellent note mmpBT.


            Quick note:

            • Indications = With acknowledgement
            • Notifications = Without acknowledgement


            I think these are backwards in your note above.