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              I'm using the PsOC designer 5.0 and I found   
      my user modules library disabled.   
      How it is possible?   
      What must I do to enable?   
      I'm not allowed no Operational amplifier to add into design, nor DAC, etc...   
      I have to update something?   
                  Are all the user modules disabled? Please provide below details:   
          PSoC Designer Version and Service Pack   
          PSoC device you are trying to use   
          Operating System and configuration of your PC   
          Can you also attach a screen shot of the PSoC Designer?   
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                    Well I can use any of the typical user modules as:   
            Amplifiers, ADC, DACs.... in the System Level Chip.   
            But if I switch to Chip level mode I can.   
            The problem is I won't be able to use any of the in the System Level, I can only place the inputs/outputs and interfaces the program has availables, but not the user modules.   
            My version is PsOC Designer 5.0 service pack 6.   
            I think is the lattest.   
            Maybe they're only available in the Chip Level mode?   
            Thanks for all.   
            I attach the screen shot, I'm not able to select any user modules of the tab doing double click.   
            I had a old fashion version of PsOC designer and it let me select the user modules in System Level Project.   
            How it is possible?   
            By the way, you're the PsOC CrACK.   
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                      Thank you for the compliments!!   
              Yes. The user modules are not available under the System Level design, only under the chip level design. You will have to create a chip level project to be able to place the user modules.   
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                        But is a little bit contradiction, since if they provided a System Level programming mode and they don't let to use the basic user modules   
                there's no many flexibility.   
                So then I would familiarize with Chip Level Project mode.   
                Thanks again.