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    How many ADCs can i create?

              There is any way to calculate this?   
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                  As of now, there is only one Delta Sigma ADC available in PSoC3. You will have to use the Analog Mux and multiplex to measure multiple channels. However, using the combination of SC/CT block and DFB, it should be possible to create incremental ADCs similar to PSoC1. But I do not have enough information regarding when such ADCs will be available or how many such ADCs can be placed in the project.   
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                    Additionally, we do have an implementation of a triple SAR ADC in the larger PSoC 3 parts (CY8C36 and CY8C38 parts) using a DAC, comparator and a UDB--gotta love the programmable analog signal chain! We're working on the testing, documentation and finalizing the component. We should be bringing it out in a future PSoC Creator updates...but it's testing and other schedules are not quite firmed up yet. I'll keep this thread updated when it's out or scheduled. So, add these 3 SAR ADCs (really 4 ADCs if you use up all your DACs and comparators), the 4 you can get using Ganesh's response with the Incremental ADCs and then the DelSig ADC; that's up to at least 9 ADCs in total for the larger PSoC 3 families (CY8C36 and CY8C38).